Mold Training

Mold awareness is growing throughout the United States and Canada and more and more homeowners and home buyers are concerned about the negative health effects of mold in a home.  Mold Inspections (also called mold assessments) are typically performed by an inspector at a home owner's request because they suspect there is mold in their homes causing their health to be affected negatively.

Residential mold inspections are visual inspections of moisture problems, ventilation problems, and microbial growth in a home.  A typical mold inspection (assessment) costs about $300 - $500 depending on location and the client pays for each sample that needs to be sent to a lab for analysis. 

Mold Training Course Package Deals
There are three mold courses offered on this website separately or in a package that is specially priced to provide inspectors with credentials CRMI, Certified Residential Mold Inspector, CCMI, Certified Commercial Mold Inspector, and CMR, Certified Mold Remediator.  Once you have completed the course, you will also receive a free 1-year membership into NAMI, the National Association of Mold Inspectors.

Residential Mold Inspection Course

Certified Residential Mold Inspector Course (CRMI)
The Certified Residential Mold Inspector Course will teach you what is included in a mold inspection, what systems and components need to be inspected, how to inspect them, how to take mold samples during an inspection, and how to write up a professional mold inspection report for your clients.
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Certified Mold Remediation CourseCertified Mold Remediator Course (CMR)
The Certified Mold Remediation Course will teach you the basics of mold remediation, mold remediation proposals, mold clearance testing, and more.  This course will not only give you a mold remediation certification, it is also approved for continuing education credits from IICRC.  This course is included for free when you purchase the Mold Certification Package.

Certified Commercial Mold Inspector CourseCertified Commercial Mold Inspector Course (CCMI)
The Certified Commercial Mold Inspector Course covers the differences between mold inspections for residential properties and mold inspections in commercial buildings like office buildings, factories, warehouses, schools, and other commercial properties larger than 4-plex residential properties.  This course is included for free when you purchase the Mold Certification Package.